Training in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy

Training program with four modules in English and translation into Spanish

Taught by Helena Kallner, with support and translation by David Picó.

Valencia. October 2022 - January 2024

Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, developed by Dra. Ruella Frank, is a phenomenological and movement-oriented clinical approach to psychotherapy within the framework of contemporary Gestalt therapy.

From the beginning of life, we orient ourselves through movement. We express our needs, feelings and desires through our bodies in movement in relation to the world and others. The repertoire of movements we develop in the early stages of our lives becomes our first language. This lived bodily experience remains fundamental throughout life, as we are constantly learning and developing through our sensations in movement. We always feel and know ourselves in relation to each other. Although this dimension of communication accompanies us from the beginning of life, it often remains hidden and eludes us.

DSP theory teaches us that the lived body, which is the root of our psychological functioning, is a fundamental aspect of our intelligence, even if it is not always valued as such. When we bring movement to the foreground it reveals crucial information about the situation we are living in at any given moment. This training program teaches the practitioner to cultivate their kinesthetic awareness and develop their ability to understand their patient through movement.

Dra. Ruella Frank

Training Program

Students will learn to pay attention to movement dynamics within the therapist-patient dyad. They will study a vocabulary close to experience that describes fundamental movement patterns and the felt quality of movement. This comprehensive system offers the practitioner a framework for observation, formulation, and therapeutic intervention that is dialogical, phenomenological, field-sensitive, and experiential/experiential.

Developing a clear experience of one’s own body and how it moves and feels in relation to others helps therapists pay attention to the nonverbal, often subtle dialogue that continually emerges in the therapeutic relationship. The practice of this knowledge that comes to us through feeling is the core of the program. All theory is explored experientially.

Teaching staff

Helena Kallner


Psychotherapist, practicing Gestalt psychotherapy in Stockholm. Helena is a teacher and supervisor of Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy™. She gives workshops and trainings internationally. She is currently working on her PhD at the Metanoia Institute / Middlesex College.

David Picó


He is a psychologist and psychotherapist practicing psychotherapy in Valencia. David is a supervisor of Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy™ and a trainer in Gestalt Therapy at Terapiados Formación and Centre Gestalt. He also conducts workshops internationally.

Structure of the program

The basic training is divided into four modules of 28 hours each. Each module consists of a 4-day intensive classroom workshop and 2 follow-up sessions via Zoom. All basic aspects of DSP are covered in these modules. The basic training consists of a total of 112 hours.

In addition, an additional 24-hour module (i.e., a fifth module) on developmental trauma from a movement perspective is offered at the end of the training. This module is not included in the cost of the training. Registration for the additional module will open at a later date.

Dates and schedules

  • Module 1: 
    • Intensive Course: October 27-30, 2022.
    • Zoom sessions: November 24, 2022, January 12, 2023.
  • Module 2:
    • Intensive: February 2-5, 2023.
    • Zoom sessions: March 16, 2023, April 13, 2023.
  • Module 3:
    • Intensive: May 4-7, 2023
    • Meetings by Zoom: June 1, 2023, July 6, 2023.
  • Module 4: 
    • Intensive: October 5-8, 2023.
    • Zoom meetings: November 9, 2023, December 14, 2023.
  • Module 5 (additional):
    • Intensive: January 18-21, 2024.

The Intensive workshops consist of 24 hours distributed as follows:

  • Thursday from 16:00 to 21:00.
  • Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00
  • Sunday from 9:00 to 14:00

Zoom meetings last 2 hours and are always held on Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00 (Valencia, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam time zone).


The total cost of the course is 2,950 euros (2,400 euros for the course + 550 euros for the reservation of a place and registration), to be paid in one of the following ways:

  1. Reservation of a place and registration fee of 550 euros at least 1 month before the beginning of the course. Payment of 600 euros at least 5 days before the start of each module.
  2. One-time payment at the beginning of the course: 2,400 euros. This form of payment is subsidized by the tuition fee waiver. The payment is made at the time of booking.

This cost includes the first four modules that form the core of the course. The additional module is not included in this price. Registration for this module and the corresponding payment will be made at a later date.


Intensives will take place at «Psicoterapia y Desarrollo» in the center of Valencia:

C/ Martínez Cubells nº 8, pta 6, 46002, Valencia.

The place is located between Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Calle Colón, 5 minutes walking distance from the main railway station (Estación del Norte).

Registration procedure


Applicants must have a minimum of two years of supervised practice, and/or a minimum of two years of training in their modality. They must have experience in personal psychotherapy.

Please take the time to answer the following questions. They are an important part of your application and an opportunity for you to consider what makes you want to study DSP.

Once your application has been reviewed, we will send you an email confirming your eligibility for enrollment with detailed instructions on how to make a deposit to complete your enrollment.

Places are limited. Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.